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Four-piece from South Florida.

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Track Name: Lost.
I can’t find you
I can’t seem to find
Anything without you

You disappeared
Right from my pocket
And then
You were gone

I felt my whole world
Come crashing down
I’ve never felt so lost before
I’ve never felt so lost before

How can something so simple
Make such a difference?
How could something so little
Be this important
Track Name: Forgotten.
Oh man, its been way too long
I miss you. I miss you.

I’m tired of chasing parties
Trying to stay busy
What happened to my youth?
What happened to my youth?

Sometimes I sleep
Just to dream
We’re back together again

Lets waste away all of the days
Lets waste away all of the moments
Lets stay away from all of the feelings
Alone, afraid scared of the change
Track Name: Abandoned.
No one wants to keep me
I’ve just been used up
Why do you waste your time on me?
Why do you waste your thought on me?

You could call my name
I could hear the words
Theres no reaction now
I’m just a hallow hole
An empty soul
Track Name: Buried.
Farwell. Goodbye
Its time that I cut this line

I hate to think about this end
I’ve spent so many years with you
We were lost but found our way
But now I can barely look you in the face

I hope that one day you realize you were the product of your own demise
This is the end of everything that you and I once knew
I wish I could say its sad to see you go but I can’t

When you fall you’ll feel the pain
And I hope it hurts,
A lot.