Moving Past This

by You'll Live

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I’m calling out I’m done I’m sick of everyone I can’t even seem to catch a break I feel like I’ve Put in so much time I’m always on the brink of giving up There never seems to be enough I can’t get up I’ve been eroding down Melted in these sheets theres not much left for me This pressures built up Stressed beyond belief I’ve tried so hard and always comes back in my face One day you’ll find me hanging in my closet Or maybe taking one last bath I’m just over it
So young and way too reckless you got caught up in all the worst decisions yet And you thought your friends were there to support you through everything And that day came to attest that no one was there By then it was too late to change your fate You laid there left alone to bleed out On the street, skull smashed But not dead just yet You slowly bled out and stared at the sky I wonder what you wondered Was it then when you realized was it then that you realized? Was it all worth it, was it all worth it?
One more year passed and you’re still a name I’ve only seen you hanging in frames Another year passed but now you’re running out of time And after all these years theres no feeling of shame No effort to be apart Of our lives The only thing I have to offer Is my final goodbyes
You gave up and called it quits At twenty-five An age still in its prime You cut away from something You claimed you cared about I can’t begin to understand Your choice to grow up fast So much and still so Little time for life I don’t know whats left to say We’re just not on the same page In the end I hope your choice Is the one that makes you happy
Tell me what I did wrong I’ll never seem to get this right Maybe one day You’ll finally appreciate All this hard work I’m not just a waste I’m sorry if I disappoint I’m trying and that’s the best I can say Maybe it might pay off one day Striving to find my place Hoping to make a name Trying not to quit each day I know you care In your own ways I just wish it showed in your face
So much anger in your veins with no direction You just struggled to find yourself And I guess we could blame it on reoccurring cycles But every action needs accountability I watched you struggle every day A hard life faced with harder choices But you picked wrong And you paid in time But that still doesn’t make up For the life lost You still need to pay And I don’t Think you should Be forgiven just yet And I don’t Think this should Be forgotten just yet
Tell me everything will be okay Too soon and too unexpected Reckless, careless, thoughtless its all my fault I wish I could tell you how much I hurt I’m sorry I wish that I could Reach across the world And come to you I would have saved you If I could do it all over again All alone you died that day Reckless, careless, thoughtless its all my fault I wish I could tell you how much I hurt I’m sorry.
Friendship built one sided You squeezed out all my trust You screwed me over And tried to blame me Reaping all the benefits And put me in the dark Should have seen this coming All alone Pulled more than my weight Played as just a pawn Soaring so high now Tell me how it feels Used as many people Just to stay off of the ground But then again People still see past The front you put up It will bite you back I’m not an asshole you’re just ungrateful
Trouble 03:00
You down play everyones problems but can’t handle your own I get it you have the right to be a little upset I just think you’re overreacting a bit Take a step back and weigh this out more Different opinions Shouldn’t end relationships I think you still need to grow up Maybe we’ll be friends sometime later I’m sorry if there are Some things you just can’t take But I don’t really have the time To deal with this simple problem We’re both at fault in this situation Step too far in line, over reacting I want to put this behind us We both know how dumb I can be
Unwanted 01:49
I’m tired of yelling just to be heard. I’m tired of trying to prove my worth I’m tired of everyone. I’m finished and I am done


Moving Past This was put out by:
Dog Knights Productions
Skeletal Lightning


released September 1, 2015

Moving Past This was recorded in Tallahassee, FL with Lon Beshiri in March 2015.
Masters by Lon Beshiri.
Lyrics by Nicholas Inman
Music by Nicholas Inman and Jesse Inman


all rights reserved



You'll Live Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Four-piece from South Florida.

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