Things Would Change if You Heard This

by You'll Live

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released February 4, 2011



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You'll Live Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Four-piece from South Florida.

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Track Name: Just Some Broken Glass
We could, we could always
Run away
From all this constant shit that keeps filling up our lives
But I know, I know that it won’t be easy
And it’s hard to think of everythin That I’d put behind
All of my friends and all of my life
All of my friends and all of my life
I just hope
The grass is greener
Just a little better
Than all this shit
I wish sometimes that [my] life were like a kaleidoscope
So I could twist and wind all of the details and make a pretty picture
But the light that shines isn’t quite bright enough
And I don’t think I could take much longer
But I know, I know it won’t be easy
Track Name: If Only You Knew
Well now every thing
Has gone away
And everything
Has shifted and changed
But hey, hey ha-hey
You’ve stayed the same
And (hey, hey ha-hey). So has your smile
All the times
We used to laugh
And all the times
We cried
Should still mean something to you
Because they mean something to me
Wait, wait wa-wait for me
And I’ll keep trying
Track Name: Lost in the Tide
We used to be
The best of friends
But look where we are
I miss those times
We shared together
What happened?
l go swimming in the oceans where you thought l'd drown.
And l played in the graveyards that l'd hoped to be in now
Cause I can’t take that everything thing has changed
Or the fact you have gone away
I hope some day we’ll be able to hang
But as for now I wish the best for you
And for your life that everything will be fine
Track Name: High Fives for Victor
I don’t know what happened
And It seems so long ago, so hard to remember
But that same nostalgic feeling still creeps up
It just so hard to think
Trying to remember memories you thought you’d never forget
I guess that’s the way it has to be
But I just with that I could
Remember everything
How the air felt that day
How we all felt like nothing would change
I wish we all could go back to that so we could all stay the same
But nothings ever going to stay the same
No, nothings ever going to stay the same