Above the Weather

by You'll Live

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InspectorMustache thumbnail
InspectorMustache Pretty Good Record… well, amazing actually. Favorite track: Pretty Good Rainbow.
Nitram thumbnail
Nitram When I first purchased this I liked it but thought this isn't something that I would REALLY get into. Then I started listening to it more and more (much to the annoyance of my Wife and Daughter who don't appreciate the vocals) it started to effect emotions. Listening to the instruments come together they make you feel the deeper meanings of the words and subject context of depression. This album is very uplifting and fills me with up most regret that I missed them tour the UK Favorite track: Easy Come, Easy Go.
Stephen Darby
Stephen Darby thumbnail
Stephen Darby This album is an absolute enigma. The instruments are so lighthearted at times, but the vocals are so gritty and emotive that it ties the whole thing together so well. Favorite track: I'll Never Shake This.
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Recorded from March/May 2012, took forever to release.


released July 25, 2012

Recorded at Fish Taco Studios in Coral Springs and Orlando, FL



all rights reserved


You'll Live Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Four-piece from South Florida.

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Track Name: Pretty Good Rainbow
Grey clouds hanging over my head and once again I’ll waste another day
I just feel so useless nowadays I don’t think there is much more that I can give
And it makes me think that there is nothing to look forward to
And I don’t feel like I have any hope

These thoughts and fears, that always bring me down, cluttering my head and hanging around
Make me feel so helpless and so afraid. I just wonder if I’ll ever feel okay
I hate that I’m under constant pressure trying to accomplish everything I desire
It’s the same thought of never making it on my own

And it makes me think that there is nothing to look forward to
And I don’t feel like I have any hope left inside

And as I look and stare towards the sky I think about my entire life and all my fears
I wonder if things will get better or just a little easier
But when I see that rainbow over me I think maybe life isn’t as bad as I think
Or that there might be some hope for me to carry on
Track Name: It's Never What I Expect
We’ll always know
The things we should have done
But its too late now
To take everything back
I wish we’d have more
Time to live our lives
Track Name: The Lonesome Crowded West
I couldn’t ignore your smell stained on my jacket
All those memories wouldn’t fade away

You’ve changed so much its hard to look at you the same
And I won’t pretend things are okay
Because you hurt me

Nothing will be permanent
From your lips on my cheek
To your hands and my feet

You’re as thin as a piece of paper
And as clear as glass
You mean nothing to me
Track Name: Easy Come, Easy Go
Meet me at the corner of our street so I can take your hand

I really miss everything we use to do
And all the summers I spent with you
It sucks that things have gone astray
But I’ll always miss you

I think about all the times we had
Like that time I ran away to your house
I still have this scar on my arm

That reminds me of everything
That we’ll never share again
And I wish and wish for things
To stop and stay the same
But we’ll always know that the beach at night is the place to go
Track Name: Forever Here
I’ve never told a soul how much I hate myself, how sad I can get at times
And I’ve never been able to express myself to anyone
I always end at the same dumb houses always feeling stupid and so unwanted
And I get so sad sometimes because the life I have isn’t anywhere near the life I keep searching for
I just want to be happy. I want to know what its like to wake up without a worry.

I don’t want to go out anymore
I just want to stay in

I’m lost, I’m scared and my life is a mess
And I’m always apathetic hidden in bed
And I’m lost, I’m scared and my life is a mess
I feel like I’ll screw up every chance I get
But at least I have you
Track Name: I'll Never Shake This
Its another day where I can’t wake up.
I keep hitting snooze on my alarm
Please try to wake me up
From this never ending sleep

I’ve got a lot of work piling up
But I can’t seem to get anything in check
I just need help
And I can’t stand anything, anymore.
And I can’t take anything anymore
Track Name: In Another Life
I lost myself one night in a thought when I couldn’t sleep
All I could think a bout is how we all must be so tired
Before we die
We close our eyes
Our whole life flashes before our eyes
All our pain and fear
All the joy and tears
We wash away
And I can’t stand all this constant change
And I can’t stand the thought of getting older
It seems we build up all these things in life
Just to die with them by our side